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Miss Barkha what is your prospective as an Entrepreneur?

I believe we got to have the quality of giver to positively be the best entrepreneur. If your employee ask for a hike, have the kind heart to increment, focus on what can be fruitfully given to the society, what issue of a certain market can be positively resolved through our brand flourishment When a customer ask for 10 things we prefer to give 11 instead of 9.

The bigger the giver you are automatically you will gain BIG!

So, Barkha why are you still single?

Well, maybe i am yet to find a single guy who is good business man and a good human :)

About BarkhaDattani:

BarkhaDattani is the owner of Barkha's Brand Clinic. Barkha's Brand Clinic is a brand design company with an expertise in logo designing. We promiseLogo is what we do. solutions which are relevant, useful, creative and impactful. We build a culture around a brand personality.

Barkha's Brand Clinic is the only logo design company in India to have 9 branches. Also, BarkhaDattani received 9 awards by now for Brand & Logo Designing, woman entrepreneur of the year, Acknowledge in the book of most attractive brand of the year 2015 and likes