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Barkha’s Brand Clinic is a renowned Brand Logo designing Co, makes logos through research, concept and after understanding the science behind Logos and colors for all fields/diligence. Barkha’s not only focuses on the brand designing but also focuses on understanding the behavioural pattern of the target group.

Barkha’s Brand Clinic, believe in innovation and creativity to its core, they through intense break through ideas and research have time and again echoed their name in the logo designing industry.

The K.I.S (Keep It Simple) principle was pounded into our head since the beginning – and we still follow it today in most of my designs. We know that our most successful efforts are the simplest. We always find ourselves trying to subtract detail from design concepts in an attempt to distil the idea down to the most basic communication tool.

As designers we are influenced – both consciously and subconsciously – by everything we see around ourselves. Still, we always try to avoid anything that has been defined as the latest and greatest “trend” in design. One of our “mantra” is: “Just be yourself be natural and give in your 200%, the rest will follow”

We as a team have created as many as 300 effective logo designs till date – we have adopted latest technology in our office so that really successful designs can be created with software giving “special effects.” And give treatments to great design solutions with a concept defined, companies brand value, brand image and the company’s vision and mission statement in mind.

We don’t like just having an icon, or piece of art, up next to a type treatment. In some cases it is appropriate and effective – but it’s something we try to avoid in creating a strong and unique logo for a client. We enjoy making a long term deeply meaning logo. It should give the brand a power packed image.

Clients Say

Actor Madhavan, who stole many hearts with his powerful performance in 3 Idiots, is making news for a different reason this time. These days Madhavan is becoming a source of inspiration for many including his friend Aamir Khan. It's learnt that Madhavan has designed a logo for himself and his wife, which has caught the eye of perfectionist Aamir Khan. Now, Aamir is adamant to have a similar logo for him and his wife Kiran Rao. Reportedly Aamir has spoken to the same designer Barkha Dattani who designed this logo for Madhavan and his wife. Well, looks like this logo design is the new mania that is gripping the stars these days.

Madhavan Logo Inspires – Aamir Khan,

Heartiest Congratulation for the excellent Utterly Butterly. well done Brand Identification of Amul.

Mr. Premchand Motta, The Poet of India.

I had met many Brand Designer before, but have never seen such an incredibly professional, conceptualize, deeply research, optimum and well designed logos ever. A very dedicated, devoted and disciplined team. I wish you all the very best for the future endeavors.

Sindhu Nair, smmart

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